Ritchie Memorial Hall

The Chameleon Theatre Company has rehearsed and performed at the Ritchie Memorial Hall for many years. 

The Hall is part of the Chandler's Ford Community Association and was given to the community in memory of Dr. Duiguid Ritchie, who had served the community as General Practitioner for many years. 

The Hall itself was built in 1911, and the Community Association has added two other halls, and many other improvements over the years. The last ten years have seen a new lobby for the Hall, a new 'Green Room', new windows and doors throughout the premises and disabled toilet facilities, including a wheelchair ramp from the Hall.

Chandler's Ford Community Association provides a meeting place for many groups with diverse interests and always welcomes new members. To book any of Chandler's Ford Community Association halls please consult: http://www.cfca-rmh.org.uk/  

Last saved: January, 2016